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For temporary or permanent staff, for a shorter or longer period of time

The temporary employment industry is all about speed and efficiency. That is why it is important that the right candidate is quickly in the right place. Without hassle and without surprises. Our candidates are great at adapting to the circumstances and dealing with the flexibility required by the temporary employment sector.

We support our candidates in everything they do, so they know in which field they want to work and where their talents lie. This creates a win-win situation. The candidate goes to work with energy and pleasure and you, the client, will receive – temporarily or otherwise – a gem!

Employment with emotion

  • Are you looking for temporary or permanent staff for a short or longer period? Then Het Uitzend Domein is the partner for you
  • Our temporary workers can be deployed quickly and flexibly: a call today is a temp worker on Monday
  • We carry out the entire back office for you, such as payment, pension and phasing in accordance with the ABU
  • We offer just that little bit more for you as an employer as well as for the temporary workers
  • We go for the right match and we do that personally. Personal contact, to know and understand each other is essential for us. This applies to both the candidate and the employer
  • Do you have a vacancy? We have the candidate!

Any questions?

You can call Het Uitzend Domein at 010 200 2728 or fill in the form on the right. You can also use the contact form for an extensive information request.

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